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(SP10)  Sperm Concentration Test
(SP10) Sperm Concentration Test
In vitro qualitative detection of semen sperm SP10 proteins.
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In vitro qualitative detection of semen sperm SP10 proteins.
1.Specimen collection:shoot the semens to the collection tube shortly.If there is any semens aspired outside of the collection tube,clean the collection tube with water and to take the semens again within the regulated periods.
2.Shake the semens in collection tube and leave it for 60 minutes until the semen liquefy into a liquid liquid.
3.Gently stirs the semen sample in the sample collection about 10 times until the sample is fully mixed by The semen transfer device.
4.Withdraw the specimens 0.1 ml(No air bubbles, solids or viscous material in the suction process),completely transfer to the collection tube.
5.Tighten the cover of the collection tube and invert the mixing 5 to 10 times.If the sample is still very viscous,then invert and mix the tube 10 more times.
6.Cut along the incision area of the aluminum plastic bag,take out the test card/strip and place it on the surface,make a mark on it.
7.After the mixture in the collection tube resting for 2 minutes,unscrew the cap from the collection tube and add 2 drops of the mixed sample solution vertically in the sample addition zone.
8.Observe the test result within 5-10 minutes,and the result after 10 minutes is invalid. Accessories:collection tube,chase buffer, Translocator,SP10 protein test kit How to take the sperms,stay 60 minutes after the sperms collected in collection tube. Transfer the Sperm liquids in to chasing buffer and mixed with chasing buffer completely. Add 2 drops of Sperm specimen to the test kit and wait for the result between 5 to 10 minutes.
Two colored lines should be observed in the viewing window.The line in the test region(T)is the probe line;the line in the control region(C)is the control line,which is used to indicate proper performance of the device.The color intensity of the test line may be weaker or stronger than that of the control line.
The control line appears in the test window,but the test line is not visible. 
No line appears in the control region.Under no circumstances should a positive sample be identified until the control line forms in the viewing area.If the control line does not form, the test result is inconclusive and the assay should be repeated with a new device.
Description Specimen Format Catalog No. Sensitivity Package Size Strip Width Certificate
(SP10)Sperm Concentration Test Sperm Cassette A40-20 15*106/mL 2 Tests 4.0mm CE