CORE Thanksgiving Dinner
On the evening of Jan. 11th, 2014, with heartwarming and beautiful sounds of “Love Each Other”, CORE Thanksgiving Dinner raised the curtain in Huihao International Hotel.
Mr. Li Liang, Mr. Chen Lizhu, Mr. Wu Wentao, the board directors, and other leaders of CORE GROUP, attend the dinner party. In addition, Mr. Li Yufeng, chairman of the board, and Ms. Guo, chief director of the International Sales Department, enjoyed the performances and share the achievements of CORE with qualified suppliers and CORE employees through a video connection.
The dinner party was enriched with a variety of wonderful performances, such as poetry reciting "I am proud, I am Chinese" from the new generation of CORE; passionate "Winter Fire" singing; "SanJuBan" showing CORE in a humorous way, "Little Dancing" arousing endless joy and laughter; English song "Cinderella", etc, which have won a tidal wave of applause and a burst of cheers.
To top it off, the night reached another climax during the awarding ceremony. The awardees, including Mr. Hu Changli and Mr. Sun Hao, who are always dedicated to work; Ms. You Keli, who is the embodiment of the fast growth of the new generation of CORE; Ms. Mi Yu, who shows the power of innovation and struggle; Ms. Gao Feifei and Mr. Xu Dian, who have been interpreting the joy of efforts and harvest, etc., invigorated all the employees of CORE with positive energy for giving thanks.
The dinner party lasted nearly three hours and ended with laughter and songs. Singing with happiness conveys our love for life, while endless laughter shows our expectations in the year of the horse. We all believe that our CORE GROUP, under the guidance of chairman Li Yufeng, will reach new heights this year.