Core Technology is located in Beijing Zhong Guancun Life Science Park—one of the most prestigious biological development zones in China - that specializes in R&D, manufacture, distribution, and technical support of the In Vitro Diagnostic products. Our manufacturing base, located in Doudian, Fangshan District, spans over an area of 40000 square meters, with over three-quarters of it used for buildings.It is fully equipped with GMP workshops, complete Rapid Test Reagent production line, as well as supporting facilities.

     Core In Vitro Diagnostic Team have developed technologies such as Colloidal Gold, Chemiluminescence, PCR, Gene Chip, and Bio-sensing to apply it into our Coretests® products. Hundreds of accurate and rapid diagnostic products are broken down into five categories, Fertility Test series, Drug of Abuse Test series, Infectious Diseases Test series, Tumor Marker Test series, and Geriatric Test series.

     With certification from ISO9001, ISO 13458, CE, Coretests® have distributed to millions of users in over 100 countries. We also operate under the brand name Ruyun® , Hongxia®  and Jingshi®  with a strong standing in the Chinese Market.

     Coretests®  has earned great reputation globally with our excellent service and quality.

   Guided by “perfect quality, sincere service, standardized management, promoting innovation”, we are continuously improving to become the top medical device corporation. Our mission is to devote ourselves in biological engineering and medical research, and to contribute to the health care career community.

     Throughout the years, Core has not only researched and developed a series of brands, but also has a mature In Vitro Diagnostic industrial chain and obtained many patents. Core has an extended impact in this industry and also developed good relationships with enterprises and governments. We created jobs for the locals and become a key taxpaying enterprise. Core has not only promoted brand image but also established a certain standard and reputation. We have improved through enterprising, globalization, and expansion of business to other areas. At the same time, Core leaders consider human resource to be the utmost importance, as they are the foundation and soul of the company, thus we emphasize employees’ training, personal value improvement, and more importantly, a balance between family, life, and work.

         Giving Back To Society----Sincerely Rewarding and Fulfilling Responsibility
      A real entrepreneur should have a sense of social responsibility more than profit oriented. Core has payed close attention to its social responsibility during development and growth.

      During the “7.21 flood“, Core donated 100,000 Yuan, while our employees donated over 8000 Yuan. CORE was awarded "Advanced Group of Fighting the 7.21 Flood Disaster in Doudian”. Mr. Li Yufeng personally donated 100,000 Yuan to Doudian Mosque after its completion. After years of hard work and finally rewarded, Mr. Li Yufeng has never forgotten his hometown and school. As the saying goes, “Don't forget the well-diggers when you drink from this well”, Mr. Li Yufeng has donated multiple times to school facilities. There are numerous accounts of such act to be listed in details.

       A project development can liven up the economy and bring wealth to the people; this has been the dream of CORE. The corporate leaders are leading everyone to explore and improve their lives, which is expressed by the social responsibility and mission of the enterprise.

    The well-known song, “Grateful Heart” has become the Core’s theme song. It has greatly affected each one of use.“Grateful heart, grateful to you, accompanying me and giving me courage to be myself...Grateful to heaven and earth, grateful to our family, grateful to all living beings and grateful to everything.”

      It is our social responsibility to be thankful. CORE employees have been thanking families, friends, colleagues, and society in their own way and under the guidance of CORE leaders.

Social Responsibility