COVID-19 Ag Test for self-testing

    Product Name:    

    COVID-19 Ag Test forself-testing


    Nasal Swab
    Instruction for use


    Tube rack( except single package)

    Principle of Test:
    Immunochromatographic assay
    Product Performance:

    Sensitivity: 95.11%

    Specificity: 100%

    Total agreement: 98.39%


COVID-19 Ag Test is the chromatographic assay test used for qualitative detection of the COVID-19 nucleoprotein antigen in nasal swab specimen from

suspected patients may infected COVID-19. It is intended to be used in self-testing.

Specimen:Nasal swab

Detection time at15 minutes

No need for extra equipment

High accuracy

Easy to use

Fast to read result

This test has not been authorized for use by the FDA and is not available in the United States.