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                           On August 28th morning, the National Anti-Drug Public Microfilm Competition 
                           Launching Ceremony is held in Beijing. Some department heads attend the 
                           launching ceremony such as Li Yuling, a member of the national committee 
                           of CPPCC and honorary president of China Charity Federation, Wang Yaru, 
                           the deputy director of the Political Department of Ministry of Public 
                           Security, and the leaders of State Press and Publication Administration 
                           of Radio, Ministry of Education, Office of National Narcotics Control 
                           Commission and China BDF.


                            Through the art form loved by the masses, this competition aims to further
                            improve the people’s sense of drug recognition, drug rejection and drug 
                            prevention and people’s enthusiasm of drug forbidding participation by 
                            expanding the faces and audience participation of anti-drug publicity 
                            education and amis to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion for 
                            a further promotion of Anti-Drug People’s War.




                                     Core Technology Co., Ltd, as the sole drug diagnostic reagents
                                             manufacturing enterprise, responds to the campaign actively.
                                             Li Liang, the sales director of Core exchanges opinions with 
                                             and poses for pictures with Yang Fengrui, the vice president 
                                             of China BDF, former deputy director of the National Office
                                             On Drugs and former general director of the Narcotics Bureau 
                                             of Ministry of Public Security.





         Core Technology Co., Ltd, as an in vitro diagnostic reagents expert, responds to 

         the call of the National Office On Drugs actively, participates in all kinds of antidrug charity

 activities launched by China BDF actively and supports the work of Narcotics Bureau 

of Ministry of Public Security by providing excellent drug testing products researched 

and developed by itself. At the same time, Core propagates actively antidrug knowledge,

drug hazards,and relevnat news and proposals Stay away from drugs and cherish life!

It is a great support for our company that Li Xianhui has recently visited our company, 

who is the deputy office director of the National Narcotics Control Commission, deputy

inspector of the Narcotics Bureau of Ministry of Public Security, Secretary-General of China

BDF. We will start with ourselves to stay away from drugs and cherish life. We have been

manufacturing more quality drug testing products and dedicating ourselves to the cause of 

Chinas anti-drug.

Core Technology Co., Ltd Participates in the National Anti-Drug Public Microfilm Competition Launching Ceremony